Friday, May 19, 2017

Karl Kesel On Superboy The (Jewish) Thing and Kickstarting Section Zero

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The writer inker is her to talk about reviving his and Tom Grummet's series section Zero started in Gorilla Comics in 2000 which halted in mid story, to be revived in a current Kickstarter Campaign.

We talk about Karl's beginnings from his Kubert School days, to his inking big DC events like The History Of The DC Universe Legends, to writing the Final Night event with Stuart Immonen, to joining the superman writers during the Reign Of The Supermen . Karl and Grummet co-created the Kon-El Superboy and had 2 big runs of the character in his book and Adventures Of Superman .

We also talk about his Marvel work including being the inker of Mike Wieringo & Mark Waid's FF run. Karl is also the FF writer who made Ben Grimm Jewish . We talk about his runs on Daredevil and the Captain America 1940's comic strip. Lots of great stories about Karl's collaborations over the years. 

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