Thursday, March 16, 2017

Nick Spencer previews Marvel's Secret Empire and the evil plot of Captain America

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It's been interestig, not only reading this controversial story in the pages of Steve Rogers Captain America, and Thunderbolts, but also to read the fan reaction which has been extreme from those who love it, or hate it.

I love this idea, and frankly the hand wringing editorials about how shameful it is to portray Cap as an evil double agent, who is working for Hydra are silly.

The real mastermind behind Cap going bad is writer Nick Spencer. He's back to give us the low down on this summer's Marvel event.

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Robert White said...

Nick seems like a nice guy, but events are not a good way to tell stories. It's not ideal. He brings up Dark Phoenix Saga, and John brings up Demon in a Bottle, but none of those were events and both took place in a single series. It's a great way to sell books with hype when you no longer have thousands or millions of casual fans like in the days of the spinner-rack. And why couldn't Secret Empire be told in the pages of Cap alone? Nick is hand-wavy about that and just says he couldn't do justice to it. Not even with 12 issues?