Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Rob Liefeld's Awesome 2016 From Deadpool's film success to his new Extreme Universe film deal

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Stan Lee said it himself. Deadpool's film success was a "game changer" The R rated comedy action film has set a new status quo for upcoming comic book films .

Rob & I talk about what made Deadpool work, because as his co-creator, Rob had a bird's eye view on the whole gestation from the 2009 announcement that there would be a Deadpool solo follow up to the Wolverine Origins Fox film, not to mention his own adventures in the earlier 2000s trying to sell his creator owned books like Youngblood Brigade, etc.

We also go in detail about the last 20 years if comic book films TV and animation and the future.


Zach Hilton said...

liefeld lacks any self awareness. joe kelly and to a lesser extent mark waid are responsible for deadpool's current success. and the chance that anyone makes a movie or tv show based on something from his extreme properties is about as likely as sony making a season three of powers.

Jon Roscetti said...

In the interview Rob credits the film makers and Ryan for doing Deadpool better than he ever did, credits Joe Kelly for the fourth wall breaking, and cites Rick Remender for Deadpool's sinisterness, and all the performances of the actors in the films for the film's success.

Unknown said...

Talk about clueless. Clown.