Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Super Powers Revolution Aw Yeah From Art and Franco

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Today's episode is a combination of the Word Balloon Network's two podcasts. Featuring the co-hosts of the Aw Yeah Podcast Art Baltazar & Franco.

The guys have just released the first issue of SUPER POWERS from DC.  A continuation of their Tiny Titans Universe, but featuring a Justice League event of grand proportions. Lots Of Heroes Lots Of Bad guys, plus the shocking return to life of Superman's Kryptonian Parents Jor-El and Lara expecting a 2nd child! As Art secretively says, "Were doing things never done in a DC comic before."

The guys also talk about an IDW crossover event featuring all the Hasbro characters done in the Aw Yeah style REVOLUTION AW YEAH, featuring GI JOe Transformers ROM and more.

Then the interview devolves into our usual silly conversations and voices.

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