Friday, September 02, 2016

Star Trek Comics IDW Style With Sarah Gaydos and Mike Johnson

The 50th Anniversary of Star Trek continues with a conversation with IDW Trek Editr Sarah Gaydos and Kelvin Universe scribe Mike Johnson.

Mike just wrapped up the Movie cast series first run with a great 2 part story, and is gearing up for the October debut of Sta Trek Boldly Go. The new series picks up right after the vents of this summer's film Star Trek Beyond. As the new Enterprise ship gets built what are the JJ Verse crew up to? Mike gives us a sneak preview. Mike also gives us his ideas of a Trek Crossover with Marvel Cosmic. Imagine Galactus fighting the Enterprise crew.

Sarah also talks about the other IDW trek books including the new trek stories of John Byrne, the crossovers with Planet Of The Apes, A new Green Lantern crossover, and the debut of Star Trek Waypoint the new anthology trek series that promises adventures with the Trek crews of Ds9 Voyager Archer's Enterprise and more. 

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