Friday, May 27, 2016

Word Balloon Podcast Captain America-Hail Hydra ? Nick Spencer On The Day He Broke The Internet

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Wow! In one issue, Writer Nick Spencer has changed the status quo of Steve Rogers in a new exciting way that has polarized the comic book readership. Captain America is evil, and all of a sudden the Most Trusted Man In the Marvel Universe is now its most dangerous enemy.

Nick joins us to explain the new direction for Caop, and what it means for Civil War 2 and all the relationships in the Marvel Universe.

We also talk about the crazy backlash from fans and media that the story received, including blowing the DC Universe Rebirth coverage off the front pages.


Lizard-Man said...

First couple of minutes, fuck you. Bastard supporting garbage stories. Fuck off. And the mind control story was a mind control story! This isn't! Shut the fuck up! This is garbage this is shit! It ruins everything about the character and every story he's ever been in! Fuck you and fuck Spencer! Fuck this story! Fuck it!

Elliott said...

Great podcast, John! I just wish that you and Nick had addressed some of the accusations about antisemitism that were being made on social media. I disagree of course, but that seems to be the one thing that has gotten the most traction as far as criticism goes. Otherwise, great to hear Nick's perspective!

john siuntres said...

why give weak arguments strength by talking about them?

john siuntres said...

Also Lizard Man...your name says it all. Happy to expose your idiocy by posting your ridiculous comment. Crawl back down whatever sewer you came from. Creep.

Anonymous said...

Spencer's such a lovely & smart guy. Your Marvel interviews make me dive back into Unlimited for more context. Thank you so much for what you do.