Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Ep 610 Publisher Ted Adams On The Past Present And Future Of IDW Comics

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Really enjoyed this talk with Ted Adams. It's IDW's 17th anniversary this year, and we look back at the company's beginnings its present and future.

We talk about their approach to licensed comics from CSI to current successes like Star Trek GI JOE Transformers My Little Pony and more.

There's insight on the acquisition of Top Shelf Productions and its distinct line of books.

We talk about Wynonna Earp Beau Smith's creation currently a SyFy Network TV series and IDWs first foray into television.

You'll hear about IDW's experimentation with comic formats, from their mini comics to the oversized Artist Editions and the  equally historic Library Of American Comics volumes.

Coming off my last episode, this is another must listen conversation.

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