Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Word Balloon Podcast Ales Kot Talks Wolf & Material Arlen Schumer and The Secret Silver Age History Of Ira Schnap

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First Up Ales Kot returns to talk about his creator owned projects Wolf, reuniting with Zero collaborator Matt Taylor. We also discuss Material both from Image Comics. Kot also talks about Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier, and why he's wrapping up his big 2 work to concentrate on creatot owned books.

Then Comics Historian Arlen Schumer profiles the unheralded work of Ira Schnapp DC letterer and the man responsible for the classic logos of The Flash Justice League Green Lantern and scores of other silver age comic series. Schnap's art is on display at The Type Directors Club of NY Schnapp event page:

We also talk about his book The Silver Age of Comic Book Art.
To order a signed & sketched-in hardcover, as well as an e-book version

Arlen is on tour the next few weeks...

He'll be lecturing on Silver Age @ the Garden State Comic Fest (in Morristown, NJ) 7/25: ​

and He's doing 3 lectures the 3 days of the Connecticut Comicon (8/14-16: Silver Age, Schnapp, & the Spirit’s 75th Anniversary:

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Anonymous said...

Arlen Schumer may be well versed and know a great deal about comic history but honestly, he came across in your interview as an arrogant self serving blowhard. The interview was uncomfortable and distasteful to listen to all the way through.