Monday, March 16, 2015

Word Balloon Podcast Declan Shalvey On Injection His New image Book w Warren Eliis & Listener Calls From The Word Balloon Hotline

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the comics expert said...

Hi John, I was just listening to the audience questions and I'm quite certain (as in definitely) that Chuck has never ever written the X-Men. The eloquent defense was great, but I have no idea who the listener's confusing Chuck with. Scott Lobdell maybe? During the playback, I was wondering hwo you were going to break it that he must've had his wires crossed, but then you said you checked online? I checked comicbookdb, which has no mention of anything x-related as regards Chuck. I was big into both the X-Men and Dixon at a time when him writing them could've been a thing, but that has definitely never happened. Just thought I'd clarify. Love the podcast, hope you are well always, listen to you soon!