Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Word Balloon Podcast NYCC Talk With Brian Michael Bendis

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It's Time for The New York Comic Con, and Brian Bendis will be showing the first footage from the Powers TV show, and participating in Marvel 75th anniversary panels. Bendis joins us to tell stories about the pruduction of Powers hanging with the cast and crew and prepariing for the premiere coming in just a few months. bendis assures us that the 1st episode will be available free on many Sony online streaming platforms like crackle.com and others. 
There's lots of TV and movie talk, as the superhero genre prepares for a very crowded 2015. How has 2014 "set the table" for what's to come? Bendis even has positive thoughts about the upcoming Captain America 3 
We also talk in depth about his comic books Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man, The X-Men books, United States Of Murder Inc., and of course Guardians Of The Galaxy.
Plus, final thoughts on the closing of the Jinxworld Bendis Message Board, the 22 year old online community that launched many comic creator careers, and THIS VERY PODCAST! 

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