Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Word Balloon Podcast C2E2 wrap w Brian Bendis Amanda Connor Jimmy Palmiotti Kyle Higgins Sam Humphries Mike Perkins & More

Massive C2E2 Con Coverage with lot of in-depth interviews on the floor and on the phone 

Time Cues 

Brian Michael Bendis on The Powers TV show,  Uncanny X-Men and Guardians Of The Galaxy 00:00-104:08

Amanda Connor & Jimmy Palmiotti On Harley Quinn 104:09-120:58

Mike Perkins On Deathlok 120:59-136:13

Kyle Higgins On Image's C.O.W.L. 136:14-155:52

Pro Wrestlers Chris Daniels & Kazarian 155:53-202:35

Pete Tomasi on Batman & Robin  202:35-210:41

Marvel Press Conf w Sam Humphries on Star Lord 210:42-248:39

Sean Dove On The Last Days Of Danger Kickstarter 248:40 - 259:54 

Dave Gruba & Rene Castellano on the Tales Of The Wolfman Kicktsarter 

2:59:55-End Of Show 

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