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Monday, June 03, 2013

Word Balloon Podcast James Tucker On DC Animation Ben Blacker On Wolverine Season 1 OGN & J Torres Talks Jinx For Archie

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On this episode Animator James Tucker talks about his current role at DC/Warner Animation. We talk about his work on recent direct to DVD films like Superman:Un-Bound, Scooby-Doo:The Mask Of The Blue Falcon (featuring tons of hilarious Hanna Barbera Superhero cameos and easter eggs), and the upcoming July 30th release The Flashpoint Paradox.

Tucker also talks about his stellar work on Batman The Brave And Bold, Superman The Animated Series, Justice League, and more.

Writer Ben Blacker is back to discuss the release of Wolverine Season One from Marvel, in addition to updates on his Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast and Kickstarter campaign. We also talk about his Nerdist Writers Panel podcast, and the coming Nerdist Comics Writers Panel podcast, debuting this month.

We wrap up with J Torres who's been revamping Lil Jinx for Archie Comics. Plus we discuss Torres other current comic projects.

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