Friday, May 03, 2013

Word Balloon Podcast C2E2 Coverage and Kickstarter Success With Mark Schultz, Greg Pak & Jonathan Coulton

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Our C2E2 coverage begins with floor interviews from Jimmy Palmiotti, Kyle Higgins, Doug Mahnke, and Scott Allie.

Then we check in with Mark Schultz who has a Kickstarter Campaign for a new collection THE ART OF MARK SCHULTZ CARBON and a hardcover edition of XENOZOIC.

More Kickstarter talk with Greg Pak & Jonathan Coulton as they combine their musical and comic book talents for the graphic novel CODE MONKEY SAVE WORLD.

We wrap up with the C2E2 Podcast panel featuring Wendi Friedman (Double Page Spread) Stevie Disme (Comic Book Queers) Chris Marshall ( Collected Comics Library ) Brian Pants Christman ( Comic Geek Speak ) , and Mike Pfeiffer ( Most People are DJs )

Time Cues

Jimmy Palmiotti 3:10

Kyle Higgins 15:48

Doug Mahnke 25:52

Scott Allie 38:34

Mark Schultz 50:51

Pak & Coulton 1:19:36

Podcasters 1:59:33

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