Friday, March 22, 2013

Word Balloon Podcast Super Centric Talk With Rags Morales and Elliot S Maggin. The Digital Market With Monkeybrain Comics Allison Baker And Chris Roberson

Download The MP3 Here More Superman talk as the 75th anniversary year of the Big Blue's debut continues. Rags morales tells us what went into the design of Superman's new look for the New 52 Action Comics relaunch. We discuss Rags whole run on the book with Grant Morrison as the final arc comes to it's climax.

Then Elliot S! Maggin joins us to talk about his take and long history with the character that started in the 1970's and included two Superman novels LAST SON OF KRYPTON and MIRACLE MONDAY. Elliot has thoughts on today's comics and what he's seen so far from The Man Of Steel Trailer

We wrap up checking in with Allison Baker & Chris Roberson , who give us an update on Monkeybrain Comics and the Digital Market.

00:00 - 120:55 Rags Morales

120:56 - 215:15 Elliot S Maggin

215:16- End Monkeybrain Comics Allison Baker and Chris Roberson

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