Friday, January 18, 2013

Brad Meltzer Brian Bendis Steve Wacker, David Marquez and Jay Faerber

Download The MP3 Here On this episode of Word Balloon, 4 great conversations about books that are on the racks and coming up in the weeks ahead. Brad Meltzer joins us to discuss his latest novel The Fifth Assassin out this week. It explores the 4 US presidential asassinations from Lincoln to JFK and postulates a serial killer connection to them all. Brad also has an update on his History Channel show Decoded and talks about an upcoming childrens book project he has collaborating with cartoonist Chris Elliopolis .

We go behind the scenes with a nother Marvel Now Press Conference as Brian Michael Bendis and Editor Steve Wacker discuss the new Guardians Of The Galaxy comic which debuts in February, drawn by Steve McNiven.

Artist David Marquez talk about jumping from Bendis's Ultimate Spider-Man to All New X-Men starting with this week's issue #6. We also discuss his new Archaia graphic novel with writer RJ Ryan called The Joyners In 3-D.

Finally, Jay Faerber is here to talk about his new digital comic for MonkeyBrain Comics that debuts next week. Denali with artist John Broglia . A post apocalyptic setting with a female warrior and her minions on a mission. The book is a one-shot pilot concept that could become an ongoing series. Jay also talks about the upcoming trade for his Image mini-series Point Of Impact and we talk about the current television season.

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Anonymous said...

Do you have timestamps for the episodes. Sometimes I really want to listen to one interview subject and not another and I hate having to hold down the fastforward on my iPod and hoping that I'll find the correct end/start time.