Thursday, April 26, 2012

Can Rob Liefeld Save These 3 Comic Books?

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On this episode of Word Balloon, Rob Liefeld returns to talk about 3 DC titles he's taking over in May, with the challenge of resurrecting interest and sales. They are The Savage Hawkman with art chores by Joe Benitez, Deathstroke (written and drawn by Rob) , and Grifter with scripting help from Frank Tieri. All of these books sales have dropped dramatically since their #1 debuts, can Liefeld's ideas turn the tide and make them hits?

Liefeld talks about what his plans are for all three titles, including Deathstroke's hunt for the space criminal Lobo starting in issue 9 , which will introduce the character to the new 52 DC continuity. Liefeld promises that this Lobo will not be the cartoony parody character he was in previous stories. There's clearly interest in Rob's Deathstroke-Lobo plans, because the issue is among the top 25 reordered books by retails according to numbers released last week.

We also talk about the critical acclaim his characters are getting in his revamped Extreme line of book.s like Prophet, Supreme, and Glory. Also, Rob gives his views on writing decompressed stories in today's comic book market.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Lost 1979 Comics Documentary Panel Live at C2E2

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Live From last weekend's C2E2 Word Balloon presents the first panel exploring the 1979 Lost Comic Book Documentary. You'll hear audio from the documentary which gives a great behind the scenes look at the offices of DC and Marvel. Guests on the panel were Mike Gold former editor and DC Comics public relations man when the documentary was made, and artist Douglas Klauba (The Phantom, Project Superpowers) who discovered the film.

In the documentary, you'll hear details about the Superman Vs Muhammed Ali book, Jim Steranko gives his point of view on crime comics while explaining his art process making the 1976 graphic novel CHANDLER:RED TIDE, Stan Lee and Archie Goodwin go over designs on a new Marvel Comics Hero, The Human Fly, Trevor Von Eden and editor Jack Harris prepare the first issue of Black Lightning and more.

Plus in the panel's q&a session Mike shares stories about Joe Kubert, Neal Adams, Joe Orlando, Steve Ditko and other bronze age memories.

Then podcasters Jim Seguland (Raging Bulletts) and Brian "Pants" Christman (Comic Geek Speak) join us for a quick update on their shows.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Survival Of The 2nd Tier Heroes In Today's Market With Kelly Sue DeConnick The DC Veeps and Art and Franco

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The plight of creating an ongoing series featuring 2nd and 3rd tier heroes is discussed on this episode of Word Balloon.

First DC Vice presidents Bob Wayne and John Cunningham join us to discuss the monthly numbers, but also talk about the re-tooling of some of DC's New 52 titles that are seeing creative changes. Will they be enough to boost sales?

Then writer Kelly Sue DeConnick talks about her new series Captain Marvel. Carol Danvers is getting a promotion, and a new monthly series, but the life expectancy for Marvel books that don't feature Spider-Man Wolverine isn't promising. DeConnick discusses the challenge of starting this type of book, plus we talk about her new Dark Horse series with Phil Noto Ghost, and a new Castle OGN from Marvel coming this fall.

Then we wrap up with solo talks featuring Art Baltazar and Franco. The duo has just wrapped up the Tiny Titans series with issue 50, and begin their new kids comic Superman Family Adventures with a preview that was featured in that last TT issue . The guys are notorious for clowning when their together, but I forced them to talk separately to get a more serious look at the wrap up of their New York Times best selling series, and the challenge of doing a new all ages title featuring Superman.

Time Code
   00:00 -    13:59  DC Veeps Bob Wayne and John Cunningham
   14:00 - 2:15:48  Kelly Sue DeConnick
2:15:49 - 2:41:38  Franco
2:41:39 - End       Art Baltazar

Monday, April 02, 2012

Crime Comics and The Digital Market With Mark Waid Ed Brubaker Greg Rucka Mike Norton and Tim Seeley

Download The MP3 Here On this edition of Word Balloon, we continue to talk with creators who are experimenting with creator owned ideas in print and the digital markets . First Mark Waid joins us to talk about his foray into the digital comic relm. His blog, launched today to be an open forum showing his process and ideas on his approach to comic storytelling on this platform. You can download his first digital pdf LUTHER Also Mark reveals his plans to fund the venture, which includes putting his huge comic book collection up for sale that goes back to the 1950's. We talk about some of the unique items in his collection and how you can purchase some of these books. Then direct from last weekend's ECCC convention, a crime comics panel featuring Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka, who start with their crime story influences , and talk a lot about their creation of the DC comic Gotham Central. Plus Ed talks about his current success with the Image book FATALE and Greg previews his next spy novel ALPHA due out in May. Finally direct from their Four Star Studio, Tim Seeley and Mike Norton talk about their new Image series Revival , which they describe as a Farm Noir tale. Tim updates us on his other Image books Hack-Slash, Bloodstrike and Top Cow's Witchblade, while Mike tells us about the plan to collect his web comic Battle Pug as a trade collection in July, from Dark Horse. Four Star Studio has been pulishing their digital comics Double Feature for about a year. 2 8 page stories for 99 cents in various genres. The guys tell us how that venture has gone so far. Time Code 00:00 - 48:55 Mark Waid 48:56 - 1:44:11 Ed Brubaker & Greg Rucka 1:44:12- End Of Show Tim Seeley & Mike Norton