Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Survival Of The 2nd Tier Heroes In Today's Market With Kelly Sue DeConnick The DC Veeps and Art and Franco

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The plight of creating an ongoing series featuring 2nd and 3rd tier heroes is discussed on this episode of Word Balloon.

First DC Vice presidents Bob Wayne and John Cunningham join us to discuss the monthly numbers, but also talk about the re-tooling of some of DC's New 52 titles that are seeing creative changes. Will they be enough to boost sales?

Then writer Kelly Sue DeConnick talks about her new series Captain Marvel. Carol Danvers is getting a promotion, and a new monthly series, but the life expectancy for Marvel books that don't feature Spider-Man Wolverine isn't promising. DeConnick discusses the challenge of starting this type of book, plus we talk about her new Dark Horse series with Phil Noto Ghost, and a new Castle OGN from Marvel coming this fall.

Then we wrap up with solo talks featuring Art Baltazar and Franco. The duo has just wrapped up the Tiny Titans series with issue 50, and begin their new kids comic Superman Family Adventures with a preview that was featured in that last TT issue . The guys are notorious for clowning when their together, but I forced them to talk separately to get a more serious look at the wrap up of their New York Times best selling series, and the challenge of doing a new all ages title featuring Superman.

Time Code
   00:00 -    13:59  DC Veeps Bob Wayne and John Cunningham
   14:00 - 2:15:48  Kelly Sue DeConnick
2:15:49 - 2:41:38  Franco
2:41:39 - End       Art Baltazar


Scott said...

No such thing as a second tier hero, just a second tier brand. Read independent creations.

KENESU said...

Great transition from swimsuit to flight suit. She looks more...epic. They can get away with that since she's not Wonder Woman. Not as iconic, but that's more of a strength than a weakness.

ChrisM said...

It really surprises me that no one has made the connection between Carol Danver's new costume and the Marvelman costume. The pattern is pretty much the same is it not? Makes me wonder if she is the herald of something larger when the Marvelman title returns..