Friday, September 07, 2012

Bendis Tapes Part 2 Chris Burnham Rick Remender & Tom Brevoort

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On this episode of Word Balloon we continue the latest edition of the Bendis Tapes . In Part 2, Bendis talks about the editorial process behind marvel's monthly double shipping issues. We discuss the gripes adult views have with the Ultimate Spider-Man Disney XD cartoon, then go into a behind the scenes look at the writers room. Brian addresses the difficulty of creating new stand alone characters for the big two that find success . He hypes Daredevil End Of Days, and  All New X-Men . Brian also talks about the likely scrutiny that his X-Men run will receive from hardcore X-Fans . We also talk about Bendis's recent year run on Moon Knight with Alex Maleve and it's role as a prequel to his upcoming Ultron War story.

Then Chris Burnham sits down for a live interview done at Aw Yeah Comics Store in Skokie, IL. We talk about his run on Batman Incorporated , and how he approaches the character.

Finally we listen in on last week's Marvel Next Big Thing Press Conference as Rick Remender and Tom Brevoort breakdown what to expect from Uncanny Avengers.


Anonymous said...

Ultimate Spider-Man
Fine it's written for another age group- that explains a lot but not Everything.
The amateur vaudeville gags are straight out shouts to oldies and those are The worst groan inducing moments- that's the sh*t I Hate about it.
marvel Super Hero squad is targeted at the same group and yet it's smarter it's less spastic it's for kids but adults can enjoy it- the call outs for older viewers are smarter and less desperate.

Leandro said...

My father had open herat surgery last monday and, as I was driving to get to the hospital, you and Bendis's interview got me company. I just want to thank both of you for that ride along. It was THE MOST difficult trip I ever had to take and having you both there with me took a little of the edge off. I'm glad to say my father is recovering well, the surgery was a complete and total success and we're planing on going back to our home town real soon. It's gonna be awesome to travel back listen to you and whoever is on the show then. Again, thank you and thank Bendis for me.

All the best to you guys!

Andy said...

Re: Ultimate Spider-Man Cartoon
Batman the Animated Series aired on Fox kids and was able to be enjoyed by all because its exceptional quality. It turned me into a lifelong Batman fan at the age of 12. There's no reason there can't be a similar Spider-Man cartoon

john j siuntres said...

Leandro - G;ad to hear your Dad is doing good.

Andy- All I know is despite folks like you who hate it, the show is a big hit.

BTW-The "Campy" Batman show of the 60's also created many lifelong batman fans, and was enjoyed by audiences of all ages.