Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Un Con Ventional 2012 With DC Veeps Bendis! Mack Janson Sienkiewicz and P Craig Russell

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To get you into that San Diego Comic Con mood, Word Balloon presents another Un-Conventional episode, featuring virtual panels with the type of information and conversation you'd get by attending a convention.

First DC vice presidents Bob Wayne and John Cunningham discuss the June store numbers from Diamond, and preview the salte of DC and Time Warner panels.

Then we attend this past Monday's Daredevil End Of Days press conference. Creators Brian Michael Bendis, David Mack Klaus Joanson and Bill Sienkiewicz.

Finally A Master Class Session With P Craig Russell,who has an informative Kickstarter campiagn to teach aspiring artists about graphic storytelling. We aslo talk about his latest Neil Gaiman adaptation a two volume graphic noveliazation of The Graveyard Book, featuring an all star line up of comic book artists like Tony Harris Kevin Nowlan Jill Thompson and others.

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