Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Ed Brubaker and Greg Pak

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It's another Word Balloon double feature to start the new year right. First ed Brubaker gives us an inside look at his new Image horror/crime saga Fatale with co-conspirator Sean Phillips. We also discuss the latest Captain America arc with Alan Davis, and the upcoming Winter Soldier series which starts next month.

Then Greg Pak joins us to talk about his chilling 2011 mini series Red Skull Incarnate . We look back at the wrap ups to Herc and Alpha Flight, and his incredible run on HULK which included the critically acclaimed PLANET HULK and WORLD WAR HULK. Greg also previews his upcoming original graphic novel Doctor Strange Season One with Emma Rios.


ben said...

awesome interviews as always. Hey, listening to the podcast I heard you mention the Donate button on the site. Went to the main page and clicked on it to give you something and the link doesn't work! Fix it so we can give you something, please!

john j siuntres said...

Thanks Ben, it's fixed.