Thursday, October 27, 2011

Double Feature Chris Roberson And Jeremy Haun

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On this edition of Word Balloon, we check in with writer Chris Roberson to talk about his new IDW DC Comics crossover between the Original Crew Of Star Trek, and The Legion Of Superheroes. We also look at his Vertigo Books like I Zombie with Mike Alred and His work in The Fables Universe on the Cinderella mini series From Fabletown With Love drawn by Sean McManus . Her fairy tale spy adventures will continue next year with a new 2012 6 part story, Fables Are Forever.

Chris also gives details about the tough task of taking over the last 7 parts of J Michael Straczynsk's aborted Superman 12 part story Grounded. We discuss the one chapter of his story depicting a muslim super hero inspired by Superman, that was deemed too controversial to be published , and what it's future fate might be

Then Jeremy Haun is back to promote his new book for Top Cow's Pilot Season called The Beauty, co-written with Jason Hurley. Jeremy is also wrapping up his work on The Top Cow Event Artifacts with Ron Marz, and soon takes over art chores on The Darkness teaming up with new writer David Hine. Haun and Hine worked on Batman in Detective Comics and last year's Arkham Reborn mini series.

Friday, October 21, 2011

TV Alert Watch Prophets Of Science Fiction starting Nov 9th

This 8 part documentary on The Science Channel features in depth looks at some of the greatest Sci-Fi creators of all time. People like Jules Verne, HG Wells, Robert Heinlien, Issac Asimov, Philip K Dick, Arthur C Clarke, and George Lucas

Ridley Scott hosts this series, that features expert comments from such people as Sci-Fi writers Harlan Ellison and Robert Silverberg, Star Trek Producer Brannon Bragga, Comic Book writer Matt Fraction...and Me.

I spent a day in Los Angeles filming my comments on several of the subjects. It was great fun, and the producers of the show were gracious and fun to work with.

Check out these preview videos of the show. I think it looks amazing.

Here's Ridley Scott showing a clip of the first episode featuring author Mary Shelly (Frankenstein) airing Nov 9th at 10pm eastern, 9pm Central On The Science Channel

And here's a 1 minute Show Promo

Thursday, October 20, 2011

NYCC 2011 A View From The Floor

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On this episode of Word Balloon we hit the floor of last week's New York Comic Con and speak with a number of creators.

You'll hear talks with Frank Quitely (Batman & Robin, Multiplicity), Chris Burnham (Batman Leviathan),  Matt Wagner (Legendary Comics) , Shane Davis (Superman Earth One Vol 2)  Gabriel Hardman (Betrayal Of The Planet Of The Apes, Secret Avengers) Mahmud Asrar (Supergirl) Tom Fowler (Venom) & Tom King,  Fred Van Lente (Alpha Flight, Comic Book Comics ) Ryan Dunleavy ( Comic Book Comics , MTV Comics)  Brent Schoonover (Mr. Murder is Dead, Astronaut Dad) Jon and Matt Roscetti (Venture Bros, Growing Up Comics) and Dave Elliott  (Marksmen Red Spike Heavy Metal)

Time Code
Intro 00:00-01:45
Frank Quitely, Chirs Burnham, & Matt Wagner 01:46-10:13
Gabriel Hardman 10:14-15:47
Mahmud Asrar 15:48-18:55
Fred Van Lente & Ryan Dunleavy 18:56-29:57
Shane Davis 29:58-46:31
Tom Fowler & Tom King 46:32-57:16
Brent Schoonover 57:17-105:52
Jon & Matt Roscetti 105:53-111:50
Dave Elliot 111:51-136:12
Close 136:13-137:20

Monday, October 17, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Radio's Superheroes With Steve Darnall

Download The MP3 Here Writer and radio broadcaster Steve Darnall joins us to talk about his past works in comics. Steve worked in the fringe genres as the comics market struggled to survive after the speculation era went bust. You'll hear about his collaboration with Alex Ross on the 2 part UNCLE SAM prestige series , to his parody of classic romance comics for Slave Labor Graphics and his own companmy Funny Valentine. We also talk about Steve's current job hosting 2 radio shows which present classic Old Time Radio programs Those Were The Days and Yesterday USA, where he puts a historical context while presenting dramas comedies and documentaries made from the 1930s-1950s. As opposed to a nostalgic "Remember When" angle that older hosts use for a geritatric audience, Steve's show is one of discovery for a younger generation who come to these programs with a fresh perspective.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Decoding Histories Mysteries With Brad Meltzer

Download The MP3 Here On this episode of Word Balloon, Brad Meltzer is back to discuss the 2nd season of Brad Meltzer’s Decoded which premieres tonight at 9pm Easter/Pacific On The History Channel. Brad recaps some of the highlights of season one, and a preview of this season. This year the show goes global to investigates mysteries surrounding The Vatican, Fort Knox and more. Plus Brad promises for JSA fans,the real story behind Adolph Hitler and The Spear Of Destiny. We also talk about The Inner Circle Meltzer’s latest novel, now available in paperback.