Thursday, October 27, 2011

Double Feature Chris Roberson And Jeremy Haun

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On this edition of Word Balloon, we check in with writer Chris Roberson to talk about his new IDW DC Comics crossover between the Original Crew Of Star Trek, and The Legion Of Superheroes. We also look at his Vertigo Books like I Zombie with Mike Alred and His work in The Fables Universe on the Cinderella mini series From Fabletown With Love drawn by Sean McManus . Her fairy tale spy adventures will continue next year with a new 2012 6 part story, Fables Are Forever.

Chris also gives details about the tough task of taking over the last 7 parts of J Michael Straczynsk's aborted Superman 12 part story Grounded. We discuss the one chapter of his story depicting a muslim super hero inspired by Superman, that was deemed too controversial to be published , and what it's future fate might be

Then Jeremy Haun is back to promote his new book for Top Cow's Pilot Season called The Beauty, co-written with Jason Hurley. Jeremy is also wrapping up his work on The Top Cow Event Artifacts with Ron Marz, and soon takes over art chores on The Darkness teaming up with new writer David Hine. Haun and Hine worked on Batman in Detective Comics and last year's Arkham Reborn mini series.

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