Monday, September 12, 2011

Triple Feature John Rood And Bob Wayne , Gaabe Hardman & Corinna Bechklo, and Tom Katers

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A timely news triple feature. First up DC Comics vice presidents John Rood and Bob Wayne discuss the debuting success of DC Comics New 52. The first 3 weeks of releases have sold out at the retailer level, and Rood and Wayne talk about what's next.
The Gabriel Hardman and Corrina Bechklo discuss their new mini series for Boom Studios Betrayal Of The Planet Of The Apes. The creators talk about this prequel to the original film series, which features a young Dr. Zaius freshly elected to the governing council.
The Duo has also a story in Four Star Studio's Digital Comic Double Feature. A tight spy thriller called The Liar, plus Gabe talks about his wrap-up on HULK with Jeff Parker.
Finally Podcaster and long time DC reader Tom Katers (Tom Vs Aquaman) discusses the recent transition from Flashpoint to the New 52.

Plus here's 2 cover images from upcoming DC issues Exclusive to Word Balloon Green Lantern #4 and Justice League #4!

Time Cues
Intro 00:00-3:07
John Rood and Bob Wayne 3:08-20:24
Gabe Hard-Corrina Bechko 20:25-1:25:00
Tom Katers 1:25:01-2:02:35
Close 2:02:36-2:03:52
Close 2:02:36-2:03:52


Unknown said...

Good dialogue as always.

I know I'm just one voice out of thousands, but I'd like to put in a vote for not bundling different interviews into the same single (multi-hour) podcast. I think this could have been two great individual podcasts: (1) a DC 52 podcast and (2) the Hardman/Bechklo episode.

Must my $0.02, thanks for the great content.

john siuntres said...

Thanks, but the multi guest format is likely here to stay. As I've explained to the very few who don't like it, this is no different than listening to a radio or TV talk show that has more than one guest per show. If you tune in to Letterman to see Don Rickles, and get The goo Goo Dolls on the same show, it's up to you whether you stay for all of it or not, but you still get the guest you were hoping for. I'm including time codes for specific guest segments, so if you want to listen in shifts, there's an easy way to get to the segment you want.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the reply, and I agree the time codes are definitely helpful and I appreciate you including those.

If you feel like giving us a look behind the curtain, can you share what factors led to the evolution of format?


Chad said...

Back in my day, if we wanted to skip ahead on a recording, we had to press fast forward, guesstimate, miss the spot, rewind, miss the spot, fast-forward — repeat until crazy.

I'm fine with the multi-interview format, whatever, John, so long as you keep doing what you're doing. The Ape Talk segment with Gabe Hardman, Corrina Bechko and Art Baltazar was a blast. (And most importantly for Hardman and Bechko, I'll be buying their Apes book.) I feel like I need to rewatch all the Apes movies now.

A question: Do you have a tip jar of anything like that on this page? I feel like I should be sending a few bucks your way from time to time, given all the enjoyment I get out of your podcast.

john siuntres said...

Re Unknown: There's not much to tell, beyond having the happy problem that more people want to get on the show and I want to oblige them without having to post multiple shows.

I think posting several shows a week means someone is going to miss a show because they don't check daily.

Also, I'd like to give the guests who are just starting out at shot at the biggest audience possible, so I think it's nice to have an Image creator on their first book share the spotlight with a top established Writer or Artist.

Nick Marino said...

I didn't know that DC was doing paid search advertising. VERY SMART!!!