Friday, July 15, 2011

Triple Feature Kelly Sue DeConnick Stuart Immonen Francis Manapul

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A great conversation with 3 of today's hottest creators. First up, Kelly Sue DeConnick talks about her current run on Supergirl, which wraps up the character in the current DC continuity. Would you be surprised to learn Kelly Sue is only the 2nd female writer to pen the Supergirl monthly? DeConnick also expands on the fact that despite Gail Simone being the only female writer involved in DC's Nu 52, she was approached to pitch. She explains why she had to decline the offer., and the inevitable 'are there enough women in comics?" discussion ensues.

We also talk about her Marvel mini series Osborn, and the upcoming Castle original graphic novel, co-written by Brian Michael Bendis.

The live from last week's art gallery show in Chicago, Stuart Immonen talks about his amazing work on FEAR ITSELF with Matt Fraction. The mini series has showcased some of Stuart's best work, and that's saying something, when you consider his recent runs on Ultimate Spider-Man and New Avengers.

Then Francis Manapul joins Art Baltazar and Franco, in a segment of the Aw Yeah Podcast to discuss the transition from artist, to writer artist on THE FLASH for DC. We go behind the scenes discussing Francis's process, and the exciting challenge of sharing writing and art duties with Brian Buccellato.

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Fiirdraak said...

A bit late comment but I thought I'd share an opinion about digital comics.

I see the digital format essential for people living outside the US. After over ten years of hiatus I returned to the world of reading comics and I am currently ordering 3 comics from the DC New 52 line in physical format and they ship them to me some weeks after they are published in the US. And it is ok, I can wait couple weeks for a couple of magazines but what comes to back issues and multiple series I find the digital market an awesome possibility. I mean, comics aren't doing that well here in Finland because of the rather small market and we get maybe less than 5 mainstream comics from the Marvel/DC/etc publishers (namely Amazing Spider-Man and one of the X-Men books and even those are usually collected editions of maybe 3 issues in one book). Also comic book shops are extremely rare here and the ones that exist are usually part of a shop that sells games as well (tabletop RPGs and other boardgames) and the like.

So for me, Comixology is absolutely essential to enjoy comics in any forms since acquiring them in the old way (browsing interesting titles, placing orders and waiting for weeks for them to arrive) is taking a long time. And back issues are almost impossible to get your hands on.

However, I do understand the need and awesomeness of actual comic book stores. And I wish we had those here too. I would love to go there after work day and just browse through dozens of titles and maybe spot new and interesting titles. It would also be great to hang out with people who also like comics and talk with them and ask advice about new titles that I might have missed.