Monday, February 28, 2011

The Bendis Tapes Peace And Love Mean Something Very Different

Download The MP3 Here

On part 2 Bendis answers more fan questions and drops the following news tidbits ...

Bendis is announcing a new creator owned project at C2E2. Brian Hitch and Bendis have a 2012 project in the works. Spider-Woman will be featured prominently in Avengers 12.1 , and wait till you see Hitch’s Spider-Woman. Bendis is trying to get Romita to stop drawing Jessica Drew’s hair-do like Snooki’s. On Moon Knight’s move to Los Angeles, Bendis hints there’s already been some LA world building going on to further exploit in Moon Knight, and no that doesn’t mean The Pride from Runaways will be featured.

Plus Bendis explains why he'll no longer be part of THE SOCIAL NETWORK known as Facebook, quoting the wisdom of someone Very Fab.

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