Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ed Brubaker Q&A pt 1 going Incognito

On this episode of Word Balloon, we begin another 2 part talk with writer Ed Brubaker. Ed answers some Word Balloon listeners questions, and previews the new arc of Incognito with artist Sean Phillips premiering next month from Icon. Ed talks about the pulp history articles in the back of each issue by Jess Nevins, and why he thinks at 3.50 the book is one of the better values on the comic book stands today.

We also talk about Secret Avengers looking back at the first story arc, and the secret Life Of Max Fury issue, with former Iron Fist collaborators David Aja and Michael Lark. Plus lots of analysis of Ed’s Captain America run, including the current Steve Rogers Super Soldier mini series, and the upcoming Trial Of Captain America story. Also Ed reveals his personal feelings about event books, including his unique take on one of the classic 80’s crossover tales.

We conclude with a short talk with Jeremy Bastian creator of The Cursed Pirate Girl and his current kickstarter program.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tony Harris pt 1 Deconstructing Ex-Machina

                                                              Download The MP3 Here

 On this episode of Word Balloon we begin a 2 part talk with artist Tony Harris. Tony and Brian K Vaughn have just wrapped up their Wildstorm comic Ex-Machina. We talk about what it’s like to live with drawing the same book month after month for a long period of time. Tony also takes us through his comic career, from co-founding Gajin Studios, to hooking up with James Robinson to do 40 issues of Starman . Tony fondly reflects on working with Starman editor Archie Goodwin, and how Goodwin’s adaptation of Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back with artist Al Williamson was responsible Tony’s first attempt at drawing comics. We discuss Ex-Machina, from Tony’s first discussions with Vaughn, and the early designs for The Great Machine’s costume, to the very last issue. Tony talks about the careful attention detail he put into designing the art, to make their fictional New York feel right for the NYC locals. He also discusses the life-like process of casting his friends at a local Christmas party , to pose for modeling as the characters in Ex-Machina . Tony would hand the Robinson script to his models and they would “act” out the poses like a stage play. Next week in part 2, we discuss Tony’s attempts at getting a comics creators guild organized, and what’s in his future , now that Ex-Machina has wrapped up? Note: This interview took place before the DC entertainment announcement of Wildstorm’s demise as an imprint. Attempts at a direct comment from Harris are still in process.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mark Millar Moment Pt2 Superior Preview and Guerrilla Filmmaking Without The Bananas

Download The MP3 Here Word Balloon presents part two of our conversation with writer Mark Millar. This time Mark tells us a bit more about his low budget comic book film Miracle Park, which he's been shooting in his spare time in between writing comic scripts, and supervising the production of his new men's magazine CLINT. Mark also gives us his view of the Super Hero Film Genre and what his future involvement might or might not be in Marvel's Film advisory team. You'll hear films status updates on Wanted 2 and Nemesis plus a few more Millar films in development . We also preview Mark and Leinil Francis Yu's next comic project Superior from Icon , which debuts next month, plus more talk about Nemesis, Kick Ass, and Mark's future Marvel plans beyond the Ultimate Avengers comic.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dean Haspiel and Tim Hall on CUBA, UNDIE PRESS, PEKAR and BORED TO DEATH

Download The MP3 Here Artist Dean Haspiel and writer Tim Hall discuss the notion of giving free content to build an audience for their paid work. Tim has just created a new literary website UNDIE PRESS, which features the debut of Haspiel's first prose novel, Post-Disater Adventure Chronicles, along with free audio books, podcast interviews and essays. We also talk about Dean's EMMY winning art for the HBO series BORED TO DEATH, new books from Marvel, IDW and this week the Vertigo OGN CUBA My Revolution written by Inverna Lockpez. We wrap up with their thoughts on the passing of Haspiel's frequent collaborator, Harvey Pekar Check out all the free content at Undie Press

Monday, September 13, 2010

Jen Van Meter Writes Black Hats and Black Cats

Download The MP3 here On this episode of Word Balloon writer Jen Van Meter is back to discuss why she has more fun writing conflicted villains than heroes, as evidenced in her two current serial stories Liberty Belle and Hourman facing their moral opposite couple The Icicle and The Tigress in DC’s JSA All Stars, and the Black Cat mini series for Marvel. We also get an update on the coming Hopeless Savages collection from Oni Press and much more.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A brief cameo on TNT's Lopez Tonight

Art Baltazar told me he saw me in the backgound of a George Lopez sketch taped during the SDCC. I figured he was mistaken, until he sent me this link. About 4:20 in. It is a funny sketch too.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Word Balloon University Robert Kirkman Q and A

Download The MP3 Here On this edition of the Word Balloon podcast, we've uncovered a lost Q&A session that focused on the subject of creative tips for newcomers. Writer Robert Kirkman recorded this on a sleepy August night, but answered many questions about starting out in the comics business. We discuss the merits of creating a series bible, versus a story by story approach. What goes into creating characters? Is there a definitive end story for Walking Dead in the back of his mind? Plus thought on collaborating with Todd McFarland, and his views on creating a comic property for the sole purpose of getting a Film or TV deal.