Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Matt Fraction Part 2 takes your questions

Matt's back to finish the questions posted at iFanboy, and gives us more details about Iron Man, Thor Casanova, and this spring's Marvel event FEAR ITSELF


eric said...

Thanks John for posting my question and thanks to Matt for adressing it.
But with all due respect I am not sure he quite understood what I was asking. Or perhaps I phrased it incorrectly. In any event I asked if Matt was attempting to bring a more real world tech slant on Tony and his new company.

I took exception with the fact that he is struggling with his current "electric car" venture. This seems odd to me since Tony is well known for inventing Extremely advanced technology - time machines- anti-grav- etc.

Matt's counter point- aside from suggesting that I wasn't reading the book, was that Tony Stark is attempting to design a free energy source that can be mass produced and that challenge is what's hanging him up. That and the fact that he has lost his fortune and his resources are low.

Again with all due respect- Bollocks.

Iron Man's very origin is of a man who invents a high tech suit of armor out of scrap third world milliatry parts.

His history is repleat with loosing his fortune again and again and regaining it quickly and definitively time and again.

Van Lente is even currently writng a story in which Tony constructs a repulsor ray literally from Junk yard parts.

Whether Mr Fraction sees the character or wants to write him this way or not Tony Stark is all about accomplishing fantastic tech miracles with little to no resources. In this marvel U that's just what he does.

I was hoping to have the writer here propose a theory behind this plot that maybe would cause me to rethink my position maybe cause me to see somehting I hadn't thought of to explain why he was effectively- dumbing down Tony Stark.

But unfortunately that didn't happen.

In stead I eneded up with another question-

Matt Fraction- How much Iron Man have You read?

john siuntres said...

Hi eric, I think matt understood your question correctly. You just disagree with Matt's explanation. That's fine but 2 things to keep in kind...1st shades of characterization aren't absolute, and frankly I see just as much merit in Matt's interpretation as yours or Fred VL. Btw, Did Tony become Iron Man in Vietnam, or Afghanistan?
2nd as Bendis would say "don't pull too hard on the threads of the marvel blanket" cause there's always been shades of inconsistent plots or character traits waiting to be unraveled. That's why the marvel "no-prize" was invented.

Ciaran said...

Thanks, as always, John. Even if I'm not reading all of his current work, Fraction is always a fun guest.

For anyone wanting to track down the wonderful tones of Orson Welles talking with Peter Bogdanovich, here's a link:

Adam Wednesdays said...

Matt is such a fun guest. And just him talking about "Fear Itself" has me more interested in the project than all of advertising out of Marvel has. Which is probably because he talked about what the story is, rather than just saying, "FEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!" ;)