Monday, October 04, 2010

Tony Harris Part 2

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On this episode we wrap up a 2 part talk with artist Tony Harris. In part 2 Tony explains his pursuit to create a freelance guild for comic book writers and artists to get better wages health benefits and retirement security . The Guild is called SAEG, the sequential arts and entertainment guild. Tony gives us an update on War heroes his Image comics mini series with Mark Millar. Tony explains the reasons behind the delays and the plan moving forward on the series. Then we talk about Tony’s love of pulp hero fiction from the 1930’s and 40’s. It inspired the 2 JSA projects he did with writer Dan Jolley, The Liberty Files and The Unholy Three. Harris’s love of pulps inspired his next project with writer B Clay Moore which was slated for Wildstorm, The Whistling Skull . According to recent tweets by Moore, the project will move forward despite the recent news that the Wildstorm imprint was wrapping up. Note: Our talk with Tony took place before the Wildstorm announcement. Attempts made to get an update comment from Tony regarding the publishing plans for The Whistling Skull were unsuccessful.

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