Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NYCC 2010 Bendis Spills On TAKIO, MOON KNIGHT And More

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On this episode of the podcast, Brian Bendis goes into detail about all of his NYCC announcements of current and future projects with Marvel and ICON.
In a full disclosure discussion we had prior to the convention , you’ll hear all about Takio, the new creator owned all ages project from Bendis and Mike Oeming , how Brian's daughter played an important role in creating the concept, and how it will impact future arcs of their other creator owned series Powers.

We also discuss, Bendis’s new reboot of Moon Knight with Alex Maleev, all of Brian’s Avengers books, including a preview of the next arcs in New Avengers and Avengers, the joy of working with Alan Davis on the well received Avengers Prime, and  welcoming Sara Pichelli who will alternate arcs with David LaFuente Ultimate Spider-Man

Then we cut to a brief floor conversation from last Friday at the con with talk about Scarlett, the 150 issue plans for Ultimate Spider-Man, and next years Avengers annuals which will have a linking storyline. Bendis also teases a 2011 Avengers story drawn by Brian Hitch

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B. said...

Great episode. I loved the discussion on long-form reviews. I have two requests:

1. Can you recommend some publications/destinations for thoughtful, longform review that I can support?

2. I'm very interested in the Contest of Champions article Bendis mentioned but didn't catch where it was from — do you know what publication did that?