Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Twitter story from Me & Kelly Sue DeConnick

This is exactly why I love Twitter. Small moments of creativity in 140 characters or less. KS & her husband Matt Fraction are the baby brother and sister I never had Kelly Sue tweets..."Whiskey Bravo" and my brain starts working... @kellysue didn't she have an affair with Victor Fox Trot? @johnwordballoon Until Romeo Tango found out. @kellysue tell me there isn't a story there! we're half way done with it! @johnwordballoon Throw Papa Bravo and the India Hotel in the mix? SOLD. @kellysue Alpha Charlie ran the saloon at the india hotel... @kellysue we can make it an audio drama, that only plays on air traffic control radios. @kellysue our pen name should be "Roger Wilco" @johnwordballoon And boom! (her new born daughter) Tallulah's going to college. copyright 2010 DeConnick-Siuntres LLC all rights reserved

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