Thursday, July 01, 2010

The Loeb Report Part 1-The Barefoot Executive

Download The MP3 here Time for a new Loeb report. Jeph made news this week when he was named Vice President of Marvel TV and explains what the job entails in the first part of our episode. You'll also hear plenty of up to date information on Jeph's current books, Hulk New Ultimates and Ultimate X We go into detail on Hulk #23, and answer the question "Where does General Ross's mustache go when he turn into the Red Hulk?"� Jeph goes behind the scenes on Ultimate X #2 & #3 and what his Ultimate universe philosophy is on the surviving Mutants and Heroes in the post Ultimatum world.

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John Griffith said...

It's a great thing to hear the multi-talented Jeff Loeb speak so highly of my motion comic.

Would love for him to see my latest
endeavor into Motion Comics.

My company is Zazz

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