Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Baltimore CON Versations the ACT- I - VATE Primer

Act-I-Vate is a comics creator community established by Dean Haspiel . A group of cartoonists, who use their site to promote their creator owned stories. download the mp3 here Last week IDW relaesed
the ACT- I - VATE Primer
, which has 16 stories that are companion pieces to the free stories they’re doing online. On this episode of Word Balloon, we talk to several Act I Vate creators, about their works, and what brought them together. All the comics at the Act-I-Vate website.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Baltimore CON-Versations With Bendis & Oeming

Download The MP3 Link here On this edition of Word Balloon, we present audio coverage from this weekend's Baltimore Comicon. Marvel scribe Brian Michael Bendis gives us details on The Siege story arc, which begins in December and runs through the start of 2010. The story as reported from the retailer summit features a major shift in all the Avengers titles, The Secret Warriors and Young Avengers, and the need for Marvel's hero trinity, Iron Man Thor and Captain America to finally re-unite. We also present audio from the Powers Panel, where Bendis and Powers Co-Creator Michael Avon Oeming discuss the first 10 years of the Powers comic, and look ahead with the new volume starting in November, the Powers Encyclopedia, and new details on where the future of The Powers TV series stands, at the FX Network.