Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Part 2 The Bendis Tapes Fall Edition 2009

Download Pt 2 From Here Part 2 of our talk with writer Brian Michael Bendis, who answers more questions from the Jinxworld Message Board . Here are some tidbits from the Q & A session. More discussion about the transition form Doctor Strange to Doctor Voodoo Daredevil is "full front" in New Avengers #60. Next Year Bendis teased he will again work with artist Howard Chaykin. There's a new Ultimate Universe project coming in 2010. You'll hear character discussions about DD, Wilson Fisk, and Norman Osborn Plus, Bendis discusses some of his favorite meetings with Stan Lee, including his lunch with Stan last month, in which The Man asked Brian "How did Norman Osborne get here?" Bendis said, " In preperation of the lunch, he read a few of my books, and He came prepared with a question and I had better have had the right answer, and I think I did, because I got an got an 'OK Kid.' I had the feeling if I had answered wrong, we probably wouldn't have finished the lunch."

Monday, September 28, 2009

Part 2 The Brubaker Testimony Sept 09

Download here for Part 2 Download here for Part 1 On this edition of the Word Balloon Podcast, we pick up where we left off with writer Ed Brubaker. You’ll hear more about the characters of Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes as they share the mantle of Captain America in The Captain America Reborn mini series , and what Ed has plans in the months ahead in both the regular CA series and the Cap One shot coming in December. We look back at Ed’s 3 year run of Daredevil that ended this summer, and where he’s left the character for Andy Diggle to take over. Plus we discuss the significant DD cast members during Ed’s run, from Dakota North and Lady Bullseye to Mister Fear and Master Izo . Plus more discussion on Criminal’s return in October, and the distribution of Ed’s 2009 crime film Angel Of Death online, on DVD, and its cable airing on SPIKE-TV.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Bendis Tapes Fall 09 Pt 1

Download The MP3 here After along break in the Summer we resume our talk with Brian Bendis. In this part, Brian breaks down the differences between the new Spider-Woman motion comics available at ITunes, and The first issue, which debuted this week. We talk about the art changes made by Alex Maleev and the story's pacing from motion and dramatized sound, to static images and text . We talk about what's been going on in the news of the comics world , including Marvel's acquisition of the rights to Marvelman, and how it affects The Sentry's place in the Marvel U. We also discuss the acquisition of Marvel by The Disney Corp, and how THAT affects the Marvel U. We'll talk about the shake-up at Time Warner regarding the re-organization of DC Entertainment. Plus we catch up with The New Avengers, Dark Avengers (including a look at the teaser December cover released last week) and Ultimate Comics Spider-Man.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Brubaker Testimony Part 1

Download The MP3 from here On this edition of the Word Balloon Podcast, we begin a two part talk with writer Ed Brubaker. In part 1 you'll hear about the return of Criminal, with next month's opening chapter of "The Sinners" . Ed talks about future arcs, and what we'll find in the Criminal Omnibus , which comes out in November. We'll also take a look at the wrap up of the first Incognito arc, and discuss the progression of the Marvel Comics story events Captain America: Reborn, and the Marvels Project.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Rick Remender On Dr. Voodoo The Punisher & More

Download The Podcast here Rick Remnder talks about what's coming up for charcters like Doctor Voodoo, The Punisher and The Thunderbolts, in books coming this fall. You'll hear about his new series featuring the current Sorcerer Supreme of Marvel's 616 universe. Plus The Punisher is heading toward a world of hurt in the months ahead, with bizare story arcs like Franken Castle with Tony Moore , and Punisher: The List, with classic Punisher draftsmen John Romita Jr and Klaus Janson. We also go in depth on The Last Days Of Crime from Radical Publishing, with art by Greg Tocchini and covers by some guy named Alex Maleev Plus, Rick talks about a special 40 page Thunderbolts issue, and the pending wrap ups to The End League With Eric Canette and Fear Agent with Tony Moore & Mike Hawthorne.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Spped Drawing With Jill Thompson Bill Reinhold & Doug Klauba.

Great Spped Drawing Video Of Artists Jill Thompson (Scary Godmother) Bill Reinhold (Batman) amd Douglas Klauba (The Phantom) drawing painting and inking in time compressed video. Watching them making something out of nothing is incredible, and looks like magic at this speed.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Annoucing Word Balloon University

Word Balloon University is a new RSS feed for the show. But It's also a chance to hear and see more about the history and craft of making comics. If you've been with me from the start of my original website, you probably have most of these shows...but maybe not. The current RSS feed for my podcast was created in Sept 2006. But Word Balloon began recording episodes in May of 2005. From time to time I've re-posted some older episodes of the show into the current feed, but many older listeners were complaining that they already had the old eps. However new listners have also complained that they never heard the older ones, which include many talks with top names, old friends, and familiar recurring guests. I have created this new RSS feed to give newer listeners a chance to hear many of the earliest conversations I had in those first 15 months. Plus I will re-post some of the convention and public panels I've been given, attended, and hosted, featuring discussions of the comics craft. The first batch of eps include my first talks with Brian Bendis, Paul Jenkins and more coming in the days ahead. I will post updates via twitter, facebook, the message board and here, but you may want to subscribe to the new rss feed too.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Robert Kirkman Haunts My Dreams

Download The MP3 here The Image writer discusses details about his new books debuting this fall. Haunt, the new horror/espionage ongoing series co-developed with Todd McFarland . Image United , the 6 part epic featuring art from all the Image founders. and a script from Kirkman. And from Top Cow this year's concepts for Pilot Season co-developed with Mark Silvestri . We also talk about Robert's ongoing series The Walking Dead, Invincible and The Astounding Wolf-Man.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Names Above The Title

Download The MP3 here If you haven't checked them out, here's a bunch of audio from the video interviews I did on the floor at the Chicago Comicon. All big name guests that can't wait for my slowness is posting the video New stuff with Edward James Olmos, George Perez and Jason Aaron,plus Mark Millar, Dan Slott and Howard Chaykin.