Saturday, September 12, 2009

Annoucing Word Balloon University

Word Balloon University is a new RSS feed for the show. But It's also a chance to hear and see more about the history and craft of making comics. If you've been with me from the start of my original website, you probably have most of these shows...but maybe not. The current RSS feed for my podcast was created in Sept 2006. But Word Balloon began recording episodes in May of 2005. From time to time I've re-posted some older episodes of the show into the current feed, but many older listeners were complaining that they already had the old eps. However new listners have also complained that they never heard the older ones, which include many talks with top names, old friends, and familiar recurring guests. I have created this new RSS feed to give newer listeners a chance to hear many of the earliest conversations I had in those first 15 months. Plus I will re-post some of the convention and public panels I've been given, attended, and hosted, featuring discussions of the comics craft. The first batch of eps include my first talks with Brian Bendis, Paul Jenkins and more coming in the days ahead. I will post updates via twitter, facebook, the message board and here, but you may want to subscribe to the new rss feed too.

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