Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Live From The Blue Carpet NYCC09 pt2

On this edition of The Wordballoon Podcast more tales from the blue carpet, as we present the audio from my newsarama video interviews from this year's new york comicon. Sean McKeever talks about the upcoming Titans/Vigilante crossover he's writing with Marv Wolfman, Writer/Editor Scott Allie gives us the lowdown on the Buffy comics and the Robert E Howard books, from Dark Horse Comics, Rick Remender talks about his creator owned series, and The Punisher, Brian Bendis talks about his announcements, The legendary Gene Colan talks about his new Captain America story, along with his reprinted Creepy stories from Dark Horse. Actor Phil Morris, who pays J'onn Jonzz the Martian Manhunter on the CW's Smallville , Vertigo EIC Karen Berger, Greg Rucka, Matt Fraction, and Daniel Way

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