Friday, November 07, 2008

Cracking The DC Vault , With Marty Pasko

On this edition of the word balloon podcast, writer Marty Pasko discusses his work, writing the text of The DC Vault from Running Press. Like last year's Marvel Vault, The Museum In A Book, features a history of the company, incredible art, and wonderful replicas of DC merchandise, from Jr Justice Society decoders, and membership certificates, to promotional tie-ins, plus cover roughs, ashcan issues, an all-star artist jam poster with work from Bob Kane, to Carmine Infantino to Dave Gibbons numerous sketches and memos from the kill list of the original Crisis On Infinite Earths, to Mike Carlin's plot diagram for the Death Of Superman. In this audio interview, Pasko provides an historic commentary spanning the eras, with tales about the genre trends that sandwiched the super-hero eras, the company dynamics from the early days of All American/National Periodicals, to it's current status as an arm of Time -Warner Inc, and observations about DC founder Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson, Julie Schwartz, Bill Finger, Whitney Ellsworth, Frank Robbins, and Jennette Kahn

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