Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Howard Chaykin's New World Order Comes With Fries

In this episode of Word Balloon, we check in with the legendary artist/writer Howard Chaykin. We talk about his solo created 44 page one shot for December,Captain America, Theater Of War, America First 1956. A take on the Origin and career of the Commie Smasher 1950's Cap. “It’s me doing the 50’s, which I haven’t done in awhile. Nick Fury plays a large part in the book, as the voice of reason…and we deal a lot with 50’s iconography, and the conflict between godless Communism and godless capitalism (laughs). I’m doing a very right wing version of Cap, and it’s a challenge.” He gives us a behind the scenes view of Squadron Supreme , his current Marvel monthly, illustrated by Marco Turini. Howard tells us about the new characters he's added to the SS universe, and what's in store for all the super beings of this post apocalyptic world. Chaykin also talked about his collaboration with Garth Ennis on The Phantom Eagle, his wrap up working on Punisher War Journal , the 2006-2007 Blade series with Marc Guggenhiem and we go back and forth, through the usual maze of 20Th century pop culture references . Will we see a new Chaykin adult style story in a MAX Book? “My next major project for Marvel , but I can’t tell you more than that right now. I’m champing at the bit to do it"

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