Monday, May 05, 2008

P Craig Russell Interview

In this edition of Word Balloon Host John Siuntres interviews master artist P Craig Russell, who's hard at work on adapting Neil Gaiman's Sandman story, The Dream Hunters into a mini series to be released by Vertigo in the fall. They discuss Craig's longtime collaborations with Gaiman, including the details behind the landmark issue Sandman #50. They also discuss Craig's early days at Marvel, and talk about his work on Doctor Strange and the Kilraven War Of the Worlds series with Don McGreggor , his operatic adaptations that began in the pages of his direct market series form Eclipse Comics Night Music , to his work on Batman, Conan Elric, and Hellboy. Russell is no stranger to the Internet. Fans can follow the progress of his current work in a series of video podcasts at his website produced by Craig's pal Wayne Allan Harold of the community .

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