Thursday, April 10, 2008

Marv Wolfman, By Night

Word Balloon is back , with another Friday flashback episode from 2006. Host John Siuntres talks with the Man who created Crisis On Infinite Earths and Nova, brought new life to the undead in Tomb Of Dracula , Devised the revitalization's of Dick Grayson, Wally West, and the other New Teen Titans , and made major impacts on so many other Marvel and DC characters. We look back at Marv's time at Warren publishing, when he edited and wrote for Vampirella, Creepy and Erie . Marv recalls editing Marvel's black and white magazines from Crazy to Deadly Hands Of Kung Fu, his time in the 1970's Marvel bullpen and breathing life back into 1980's DC on The Crisis Maxi Series, and The New Teen Titans with George Perez. You'll hear Marv's views on publisher-wide event books, "story-decompression", and his genuine pride in the Teen Titans animated series. Marv also "previews" his 2006 work on The Infinite Crisis Annual, The Teens Titans Annual, and collaborating with Geoff Johns.

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