Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Loeb report Part 2

Part two of our conversation with Jeph Loeb. Some highlights from both parts... Who will the Red Hulk face? The cast we see in issue one with be the group we initally follow. In particular,"Leonard Sampson will be seen as an FBI profiler based on his years observing superhero behavior. He has always been regarded as a c-level hero and he wants to change that perception." Ed McGuiness has a long list of Marvel Heroes he wants the Red Hulk To face and Jeph is agreeable to all suggestions "There isn't anybody in the Marvel Universe That he doesn't want the Red Hulk to smash. We want to be on this book forever, which for me is like 25 issues. Ed is living every Jack Kirby fantasy he's ever had with a Red Hulk doing the damage. "The book was never intended to be called HULK RED...It is by people's estimation other than my own, it's a take on "the hulk" that hasn't been done before.I don't claim that, I just think Ed and I are telling a very fun Hulk story." On possible future Marvel Color books with artist Tim Sale . "Nothing can happen until Tim's exclusive deal with DC ends. Marvel could have kept doing them without us, but I'm glad they didn't. " "We have an idea about Capt America White... The idea behind the color books is the hero losing an important early love of his life. In Cap's case I have a story but it doesn't involve Sharon or Peggy (Carter). I can see an Iron Man Yellow story, if I could convince Tim. " On the Ultimates Vol 3 Why kill the Scarlet Witch instead of Pietro? "I think Wanda is the glue that holds Pietro together, and I do not think good things will come out of this. I can put together any version of this team I wanted to. My version of Hawkeye is the next step in terms of where Mark and Brian were going, that this guy was losing his grip on reality and here he is, to the point where now he won't let anyone see his face. I'm having a blast with the Ultimate Black have no idea where that's going. I'm also having fun with Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, and when you see what I'm doing with Valkerie hopefully you'll like it as well." On The Ultimates Vol 4 I think Ultimates Vol2 #6 which is the Defenders story was the best story Mark has ever written. It's a bunch of folks who want to be heroes and get the crap beaten out of them. What happens to them when their dreams come true, and what is the price of that? That is the basis for Ultimates 4, and who will draw that, I'm not sure cause my original artist is having too much fun drawing a red monster. The Spider-Man story Loeb and J Scott Campbell are working on takes place in current brand new day continuity.

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