Monday, June 25, 2007

Embracing FEAR (AGENT), With Rick Remender

On this edition of Word Balloon, creator Rick Remender joins host John Siuntres in a conversation about FEAR AGENT. The 1950's style sci-fi adventurer's origin is being explored in FEAR AGENT, THE LAST GOODBYE , from Dark Horse Comics.DHC has also released the first two collections of FA stories. They also discuss Rick's upcoming projects through the end of the year... SORROW The new Image Comics series, co-written with Seth Peck, Francesco Francavilla on art and covers by Kieron Dwyer, XXXombies with art from Dwyer and Fear Agent co-creator Tony Moore, and more information on The End League, Rick's epic in progress with artist Mat Broome. Read Rick's first teaser including Broome art examples about End League here and if you haven't read Fear Agent, read the first issue here

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