Monday, May 01, 2006

The Splendor Of Dean Haspiel

The Virtuoso Underground Artist Traces His Career From His Days As An Assistant Working Under The Likes Of Howard Chaykin Bill Sienkewicz And Walter Simonson, To His Own Works Like The Verdict , The Keyhole Series With Josh Neufeld , His Evan Dorkin Team Up Onthe Thing :night Falls On Yancy Street And Today's Work. Billy Dogma Dean's Noir Anti-hero In Aim To Dazzle And The Current Immortal Available Online. You'll Learn About His Ongoing Collaborations With American Splendor Creator Harvey Pekar.Check Out Dean's Site, And Act-i-vate, A Live Journal Community Of Artists Like Dean Sharing Their Comic Stories Online, Before They Publish Them In Book Form. Podtrac Player

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