Saturday, October 15, 2005

Recommended Read

Next time your hitting the trade shelves , look for DC's Manhunter, The Special Edition, by Archie Goodwin, and Walter Simonson. This great story was told mostly in 8 page bi-monthly parts in the back of DETECTIVE, but the new radical hero's look, and foreign intrigue plot, knocked fans , out. Goodwin & Simonson delivered a fast past chase, filled with spies, clones ,and a huge body count. The series had a definite ending , but echoes of the series still resonate in stories today. A version of the character lived on in the Kurt Busiek title The Power Company, and Marc Andreyko's new Manhunter series ties into this story as well. Manhunter co-creator Walter Simonson joins us on the next Wordballoon, to talk about the award winning series, along with memories of his work on Thor and the Fantastic Four. Plus, his current work on Day Of Vengeance, and Michael Moorcock's Elric.

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