Friday, December 28, 2012

Dan Slott Talks ASM #700 and The 2012 Comic Book Market Part 1 With Vaneta Rogers

Download The MP3 Here On this episode of Word Balloon Dan Slott joins us to talk about the Death Of Peter Parker in Amazing Spider-Man 700, wrapping up the series, and setting up Superior Spider-Man , which begins January 9th. Dan he process of creating the Dying Wish, and selling it to his editors and co-creators at Marvel. Dan explains why he chose to stay on Spider-Man, rather than take on a new title in the Marvel Now creative shift. We answer reader questions , and end the talk with some thoughts on the Doctor Who Christmas special. Then we start a look back at The Comic Book Market of 2012 with a series of interviews with comic journalists who cover the various publishers. First up Vaneta Rogers of Newsarama looks back at DC's 2012. From the successes and failures of specific books and initiatives, to the current management moves on the Vertigo Imprint, to departing creators and the recent Gail Simone-Batgirl drama.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday Cheer From Tony Harris & B Clay Moore, Mike Norton and Nick Spencer

SORRY THE INITIAL POST HAD A GLITCH ABOUT 90 MINUTES IN, BUT ITS FIXED! Download The FIXED MP3 Here Happy Holidays from Word Balloon! Here are 3 hours of conversation to keep you company while traveling this holiday weekend. Time Code 00:00 - 132:44 Tony Harris & B Clay Moore talk about DC's JSA Liberty Files : The Whistling Skull 132:45 - 231:25 Mike Norton on Revival and It Girl From Image The Answer From Dark Horse and Marvel's Young Avengers 231:26- End Nick Spencer & Tom Breevort On Marvel's Secret Avengers

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Wayne and Cunningham on Vertigo's Future Kyle Higgins, Kelly Sue DeConnick & Phil Noto, and Brian M Bendis

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Time Code

00:00 - 19:26 DC's Vice presidents Bob Wayne & John Cunnigham on Vertigo's Future

19:26 - 53:47 Kyle Higgins on Nightwing vs The Joker In Death Of The Family

53:48 - 222:55 Kelly Sue DeConnick & Phil Noto Talk Dark Horse's Ghost, Avengers assemble and more.

222:56 - End   Brian M Bendis's Marvel Press Conference On Uncanny X-Men & All New X-Men

Friday, December 07, 2012

Karen Berger Leaves VERTIGO, The Bad Karma Team's Kickstarter Dennis Hopeless On Avengers Arena Kieron Gillen Jamie Mckelvie and Lauren Sankovich on Young Avengers

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On this Word Balloon, we begin with a 2008 interview with outgoing Vertigo editor, Karen Berger. At the time, Berger was starting her 15th year leading the groundbreaking imprint. The interview serves as a profile of her editorial philosophy and experimentation, resulting in green lighting many provocative comic books over the last two decades.

Then, we talk to members of the creative team behind the upcoming anthology Bad Karma, with writers Jeremy Haun (The Leading Man, The Beauty), B. Clay Moore (Hawaiian Dick, Battle Hymn, JSA Liberty Files: The Whistling Skull), Alex Grecian (Proof, The Yard) and Seth M Peck (X-Men, Wolverine:Fear Itself, 76). The Bad Karma volume will contain 5 comic book stories and supplemental short stories and art featuring stand alone crime/supernatural stories set in various time periods with subtle  connecting themes and characters that tell a larger story about the Bad Karma universe. Here are some art examples from their stories...

Jeremy Haun and Mike Tiserand's Chaos Agent

Alex Grecian and Phil Hester's Middleton

B Clay Moore and Chris Mitten's Old Dog

Seth M Peck And Tigh Walker's Hellbent

And all four writers collaborate on The Ninth Life Of Solomon Gunn, with art by Haun

Their Kickstarter can be found here.

We wrap up with 2 recent Marvel NOW! press conferences that give us details on books that are shaking up the way superhero stories are told and made. First Dennis Hopeless gives us the lowdown on Avengers Arena. The series takes a page from the Battle Royale template of pitting 15 heroes against each other in death matches. Then, Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, and editor Lauren Sankovich talk about Young Avengers. The former team from Image's Phonogram (including co-art chores from Mike Norton and Colorist Matt Wilson) take the YA team in a new direction with Kid Loki joining the roster, and a dynamic layout of action scenes.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Mark Waid Robert Greenberger Steve Hoveke and Kieron Gillen

Download The MP3 Here On today's Word Balloon, we check in with Mark Waid to talk about Daredevil and the debut of Indestructible Hulk from Marvel. Then Bob Greenberger discuses his latest book Star Trek: The Complete Unauthorized History, and goes behind the scenes with little known tales from the franchise's history. Steve Hoveke joins us to talk about his Kickstarter campaign for The Steamworld Chronicles , and talks about the digital production on Walter Simonson's Thor Artist Edition from IDW and the Titan Books re-release of the 1980 Alien comic adaptation written by Archie Goodwin and drawn by Simonson. Finally, to wrap up, Kieron Gillen conducts his Marvel Phone Press Conference about the upcoming 2nd arc of Iron Man, which starts this February.
Time Code 00:00-37:22 Mark Waid on Hulk & Daredevil 37:23- 130:51 Bob Greenberger on Star Trek 130:52-205:00 Steve Hoveke On The Steamworld Chronicles 205:01-End Kieron Gillen On Iron Man