Friday, October 26, 2012

Ed Brubaker Part 4 Si Spurrier and Brian Bendis

Download The MP3 Here On this episode of Word Balloon, we wrap up our marathon conversation with Ed Brubaker, just as his final issue of Captain America hits the stands. Ed has closing thoughts on his run, artist Steve Epting's incredible art for this last issue and teases what to expect in his last issues of Winter Soldier. Ed also made Hollywood headlines with two TV pilots getting picked up by NBC and FOX . We discuss both potential series plots and where they are in terms of development. Then it's 2 Marvel Next Big Thing Press Conferences as creators and editors discuss the directions of several Marvel NOW! Titles. First X-Men Legacy writer Simon Spurrier and Editor Daniel Ketchum tell us how mutant David Haller (Legion) finds his place in the X-Universe and deals with the death and legacy of his father, Professor Xavier. Then writer Brian Bendis And Editor Nick Lowe gives the broad strokes of All New X-Men, as the original 5 X-Men time travel to face their future and the present status of the Marvel Universe.

Friday, October 19, 2012

NYCC 2012 Wrap Up

Download The MP3 Here On today's Word Balloon podcast we present The NYCC 2012 panel "Comics And Film When Fanboys Collide " Featuring film critic Matt Singer, Comic Book-Film Storyboard Artist Gabriel Hardman (Inception, The Dark Knight Rises , Hulk, Planet Of The Apes-Cataclysm ) comic book artist Janet K Lee (Return Of The Dapper Men) and Dapper Men co-creator writer Jim McCann (Mind The Gap) After the panel, Lee also gives us the details of her new collaboration with McCann for Image Comics Lost Vegas. Then television writer and host of The Nerdist Writers Panel Podcast Ben Blacker (Supernatural Supah Ninja) talks about his upcoming Marvel graphic novel Wolverine Season One co-written with his TV writing partner Ben Acker. Ben also promotes his Kickstarter campaign for a graphic novel anthology adaptation of the Thrilling Adventure Hour, a live LA comedy stage show/podcast that parodies old time radio dramas. The THA anthology will be published by Archaia and features new stories drawn by such comic book luminaries as Ben Edlund, Jackson Publik Tom Fowler, Dustin Weaver, Chris Moreno, Doc Shaner and more. Ben also gives us his observations about the current television season.

Friday, October 12, 2012

NYCC Unconventional With Mark Millar Jonathan Hickman DC Veeps and Ron Salas

Download The MP3 On this episode of Word Balloon, we present an UN-conventonial collection of conversations revolving around subjects likely discussed at this weekend's New York Comic -Con. First Mark Millar tells us about his new gig as Creative Consultant for 20th Century Fox's future Marvel Films. We also talk about his books Super Crooks and The Secret Service. Next DC Vice Presidents John Cunningham and Bob Wayne talk about the September Direct Market numbers and presentations they'll be moderating at the NYCC. Then we listen in on another Marvel press conference featuring writer Jonathan Hickman Tom Brevoort and Axel Alonso talking about Hickman's take over of the Marvel Now! titles Avengers and New Avengers . Hickman discusses the rosters and future plot subjects. Finally artist Ron Salas talks about his involvement in the upcoming anthology True Patriot featuring new superhero stories created by Canadian Comic creators . The book has a crowd funding drive happening at indiegogo . Time Code 00:00 - 42:55 Mark Millar On Film News Supper Crooks & The Secret Service 42:56 - 57:03 Bob Wayne John Cunningham DC Comics 57:04 - 137:57 Hickman Avengers Press Conference 137:58 - End Ron Salas on True Patriot

Friday, October 05, 2012

Marvel Exit Interview With Ed Brubaker, and Marvel Entrance Interview with Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan

Download The MP3 Here We continue our marathon conversation with Ed Brubaker about his upcoming departure from monthly Marvel Comics. Bru looks back at his lengthy run on Captain America and the creation of the Winter Soldier, plus we look back at some of his Batman work at DC including both monthlies and the revamp of Catwoman. Then we welcome comedians Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan as they start their run writing Deadpool next month as part of Marvel Now! They talk about collaborating with interior artist Tony Moore and cover artist Geof Darrow. The guys are longtime comic fans and they gush about this opportunity to do a lengthy run on The Merc with A Mouth. Although they promise humor in the book, they also can’t wait for readers to check out their action character and plot writing chops for the series. We also discuss the convergence of alternative comedy and the comic book culture. From Meltdown Comics evolution into a full time LA comedy club, to Posehn and Patton Oswalt’s 2001 Comedy Central pilot Super Nerds which also featured Duggan and Sarah Silverman.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Coming Up Brian Posehn & Gerry Duggan

Coming up, a great  conversation with Comedians Brian Posehn and Gerry duggan , poised to take over the reins writing Deadpool fior marvel.

In 2000 Brian Gerry and Patton Oswalt wrote and ;produced this Comedy Central Pilot called SUPER NERDS. A precursor of sorts to shows like THE BIG BANG THEORY.

Check it out, because we talk about it in our conversation.