Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Bendis Tapes Part 1 Brazilan Color Artists, and Kathryn Immonen

Download The MP3 Here Just in time for the Holiday Weekend, Word Balloon presents this convention for your ears, with great guests and conversation. We start a new Bendis Tapes as Brian Michael Bendis answers more questions from his JINXWORLD Message Board and gives us insight on his upcoming run on the X-Men. We also discuss other facets of Marvel Now, his wrap up to the avenger books, what's going on in Ultimate Spider Man & Spider-Men , and more. Then it's time for an edition of Word Balloon Internationale as we speak to several color artists from Brazil. Rod Reis (Aquaman Nightwing) Cris Peter (Casssanova FF Captain America) and Marcello Maiolo (I Vampire) talk about their art experiences on their mainstream books and other projects. Finally, we present a recent Marvel press conference on Kathryn Immonen's new gig as writer for Journey Into Mystery starting this November. Kathryn is joined by Editor Lauren Sankovich, and they both field reporter questions about the new direction of the book as Sif takes the spotlight.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Greg Rucka DC VPs Kelly Sue DeConnick and Joshua Fialkov

Download This MP3 Here First Greg Rucka checks in to talk about his new Image book, Lazurus, drawn by Michael Lark and debuting in 2013. Greg gives us a preview, and talks about his ongoing web comic with Rich Burchett Lady Sabre and The Pirates of the Ineffable Aether. Then we go behind the scenes at DC and Marvel. First DC Entertainment Vice Presidents John Cunningham and Bob Wayne check in for our monthly conversation. Then we listen in to a Marvel Press Conference discussing the new creative team on Avengers Assemble. Writer Kelly Sue DeConnick was joined by editors Lauren Sankovich and Tom Breevort. We learn about the upcoming first arc, but Breevort also gives a macro point of view for the direction of all the new Avengers books in the upcoming Marvel NOW! era. Finally Joshua Fialkov joins us to talk about I, Vampire one of the best surprises of DC’s new 52. Josh tells us about a new direction for the book that starts in issue #12, as Andrew Bennett and his immortal love Mary switch sides as hero and villain, and what that means in the issues to come.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Matt Fraction and Ben Edlund

Download The MP3 Here

On this episode of Word Balloon it's another Matt Fraction fireside chat as we discuss this week's debut of Hawkeye #1 reuniting the Immortal Iron Fist creator team of Fraction artist David Aja and color artist Matt Holingsworth . We give a spoiler free look at the book and tone of the new ongoing. Matt also looks back at Casanova Vol 3 with artists Gabriel Ba and colorist Chris Peter .
We also discuss the new story arc starting in The Defenders with issue 9 . As Fraction says "It's the closest chance I get at telling a 1968 Nick Fury story". All the super-spy 60's tropes are well represented , plus a re-working of a little known 60's good girl comics character from Marvel's forgotten Mens Magazine era.

Fraction's Thor  and Iron Man runs are wrapping up and we talk about where those current stories are, and the idea that all the Marvel creators are getting a chance to wrap up their takes on the heroes before the big shift into the Marvel Now! Era

NOTE- This Fraction interview took place days before the announcement of him taking over The Fantastic Four title with Mark Bagley.

Then Ben Edlund joins us for a car phone conversation on his way to the writing room of the CW TV series Supernatural . Ben's been a key writer/producer for the show since season 2, and we talk about his influence on the show and his sense of humor that elevates the series beyond it's ghost hunter format and continues to delight longtime viewers with quirky plot directions and characters . We also discuss the dramatic tv landscape and how  the over the air networks handle their programs versus the basic cable networks.

Comic fans know Edlund for his irreverent hero The Tick and we talk a bit about it's creation and that ever elusive next issue that percolates in Ben's mind