Thursday, June 28, 2012

Amanda Conner Rob Salkowitz and Marvel's Daredevil creative team Waid Rivera Samnee Allred and Wacker

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On this episode of Word Balloon, Amanda Conner joins us to talk about her Before Watchmen series Silk Spectre co-written and drawn by Darwyn Cooke. We also talk about Amanda's work on DC's digital series Ame Comi Girls Wonder Woman.

Author Rob Salkowitz discusses his new book Comic=-Con and the Business Of Pop Culture from McGraw-Hill. Rob is a business futurist and a hard core comics fan who uses the prism of Comic-Con to explore where the comic business is today. He also give several scenarios of what the future may hold for publishers retailers creators and consumers as we enter the digital age of comics.

Finally we listen in to last week's Marvel telephone press conference announcing changes for the Daredevil creator line-up. Mark Waid Paulo Rivera, Chris Samnee Mike Allred and Editor Steve Wacker give us the details.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


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First up Mike Perkins talks about drawing Astonishing X-Men. today's issue #51 is a classic marvel marriage moment that has cracked thru to the mainstream media world. mike tells us what's like to draw this kind of major release when everyone is looking over his shoulder. Perkins also talk about finishing the art choress on the adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand comic seres, and what it was like during the title's four year run, catering to the King-Bookstore patrons as well as the comics buying direct market.

Then we wrap up the latest Matt Fraction Fireside Chat. This week Matt give 's us his point of view on The Avenger's film impact on this summer's other upcoming superhero films. Fraction wonders if the lighter action tone of The Avengers will hurt the mainstream audience reaction to The Dark Knight Rises ?

Finally Ed Catto of The Bonfire Agency joins us. Catto is part of the team that is reviving the Captain Action franchise through new toys and the upcoming Dynamite comic book series . Catto also talks about Bonfire, and some of the ways he's bringing advertisers to the consumers of genre fiction and the geek market.

Friday, June 15, 2012


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On this edition of Word Balloon, we talk with DC vice presidents Bob Wayne and John Cunningham about the Diamond Top 10 sales numbers of comic books from May, plus the first reactions to DC’s 2nd Wave titles, Before Watchmen and further details about the #0 Issues and 3rd Wave of new DC books coming in September.

Then we start a 2 part Matt Fraction Fireside Chat. Matt shares his insight on the current and future storylines ofThorIron Man and The Defenders. There are trippy dream walking moments and self realization ideas happening in all three books, but Fraction is employing these similar plot devices in very different ways in each title.

Finally JK Woodward joins us to talk all things Trek and Who, as we discuss IDW’s Star Trek TNG-Doctor Whocrossover mini series. Plus JK gives us an update on IDW’sFallen Angel series with Peter David.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Dave Gibbons on The Secret Service and Watchmen The Rucka Debrief Part 2 and First X-Men With Neal Adams and Christos Gage

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On this episode of Word Balloon, Dave Gibbons is back to talk about The Secret Service, his new Icon mini series with Mark Millar. Of course this being the debut week of the Before Watchmen prequels, we ask Dave to comment on the ongoing debate over whether these projects should happen or not. We also talk about where creator owned projects are in the post Watchmen era, and get an idea of some of Gibbons future digital plans.

Greg Rucka finishes the latest Rucka Debrief, with talks about The Punisher, his steampunk swahsbickling web comic Lady Sabre and the Pirates Of The Ineffable Aether with artist Rich Burchett , plus more classic detective debate about the many film and TV versions of Sherlock Holmes and Philip Marlowe.

Finally we take you inside a recent Marvel telephone press conference featuring Christos Gage and Neal Adams talking about their First X-Men mini series debuting this August. Adams and Gage field questions about this continuity implant that tells the earliest tales of Charles Xavier's attempt to save Mutants in the years before founding his school for the gifted. The creators talk about their takes on Magneto Wolverine Sabretooth, and several new characters created for the series.