Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Jonathan Hickman And Francis Manapul

On this episode of Word Balloon, Jonathan Hickman is back to tell us about the wrap up to his epic 3 year story in Fantastic Four. He's not done with the Four, or the Future Foundation (FF), and tells us what to expect in the months to come. You'll hear about his writing chores on the upcoming Avengers VS X-Men projects, and what it was like co writing with his Architect buddies Brian bendis Jason Aaron Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction We also discuss SHIELD and his run on The Ultimates. Then we go in depth on Jonathan's creator owned books past and present at Image Comics. From the debut issue of The Manhattan Projects drawn by Nick Pitarra to next month's start of the spy series Secret with artist Ryan Bodenheim. Hickman also made a big splash at Comixology releasing all of his earlier creator owned works as digital products, including one big bundle of all 5 works The Nightly News, PAX ROMANA, Red Mass From Mars, Transhuman and The Red Wing . He gives us all the details in his decision to release them now, and in the formats he chose . Then, artist writer Francis Manapul is back to tell us what's been happening in the pages of The Flash for DC Comics. We talk about his unique art choices to display the hero's super speed, and The Flash's point of view when faced with the choices of how to stop a crime or disaster from happening. Francis also talks about his writing process with his co-writer and colorist Brian Buccelatto, and what it's like to have put The Flash back in the top 10 of comics ordered by direct market stores.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Jeff Lemire Talks Animal-Man and NunzioDeFilippis and Christina Weir's FCBD book Bad Medicine

On this edition of Word Balloon writer Jeff Lemire talks about his work on current and upcoming comics. You’ll hear about his current runs on DC’s Animal Man and Frankenstein Agent Of SHADE . Jeff tells us about the excitement coming in his AM/Swamp Thing crossover with Scott Snyder, and why he’s chosen to leave writing Frankenstein , and handing off the book to Matt Kindt with issue 10.

Jeff is leaving the monster team book to take over Justice League Dark with issue 9 . He discusses the new team members and the more adventure based direction for the book. What makes this book and team a “Justice League series ” are the questions Jeff tries to answer, with his choices of where the stories are going.We also talk about his upcoming Top Shelf OGN project The Underwater Welder .

Then Nunzio DeFilippis & Christina Weir talk about their Oni Press series Bad Medicine, a supernatural police procideral drawn by Christopher Mitten which debuts as Oni’s Free Comic Book Day entry in May.

Plus, we talk about some young adult comics they’ve made with female heroines. The high school baseball story Play Ball from Oni drawn by newcomer Jackie Lewis, and a newly re-imagined and designed Avalon Chronicles Vol 1 drawn by Emma Vieceli.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Crunching Numbers With DC's Rood And Wayne, Ron Marz and Ben Blacker

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On this edition of Word Balloon we crunch the Diamond Distributor numbers with DC vice presidents John Rood and Bob Wayne. as reported Friday DC had all of the top 10 books for the second month in a row, but Marvel won the market share and unit share percentage race. We break down the direct market and digital numbers and get more answers from last months Comics Pro Retailer Summit in Dallas.

Then Ron Marz joins us to talk about his work on Top Cow's Artifacts series, which has changed the status quo for the Top Cow Universe. We also talk about his Samurai vs Vampires series Shinku from Image Comics, plus we examine his departure from DC's Voodoo series after the first 4 issues.

Finally television writer Ben Blacker joins us. Ben and his writing partner Ben Acker created the popular comedy podcast Thrilling Adventure Hour which features live readings of sci-fi, western, and mystery sketch parodies done in the style of old time radio plays. Blacker also hosts The Nerdist Writers Panel, which is a live discussion of TV writers who talk about the business of television. They analyze the successes and failures of sitcoms, genre fiction, dramas and more. That podcast is also recorded live at Meltdown Comics Podcast Theater and gives a fascinating look at the business side of television as it evolves in the current new media environment.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Crossing The Comic Book Digital Barrier With Scott Snyder Mark Waid and Jay Faerber

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On this edition of Word Balloon writer Scott Snyder joins us to discuss his incredible run on Batman which continues with the Court Of Owlssaga. We look back at last year's Detective Comics arc The Black Mirror and look ahead to the back up Owl stories in Batman and the coming crossovers in the Bat family books. We also discuss his new take on Swamp Thing and it’s coming crossover with Animal Man written by Snyder’s good friend Jeff Lemiere.

Mark Waid is back to talk about wrapping up his Boom Studios books Irredeemable and Incorruptible . We dissect his current run on Daredevil for Marvel comics, plus Mark gives us his view of how the comic book business has changed in the ast 10 years. Mark also teases his creator owned digital comic book plans which will be announced at this year’s Wonder-Con in Anaheim later this month.

We wrap up with writer Jay Faerber , whose crime comic Near Death has just finished its first arc with the first trade available in stores and issue 6 debuts later this month. Jay is also on the writing staff of Sarah Muchelle Geller’s CW TV series Ringer, and he tells us behind the scene details of the show as they await word on if we’ll get a second season or not. Jay also talks about his 10 plus years at Image Comics, and compares the current creator owned digital comics scene to what’s happening in television drama and it’s new platforms beyond network and Cable TV.

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00:00 -  30:39             Scott Snyder
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