Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving Thanks With Rob Liefeld Alex Di Campi and Matt Fraction

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Here for your holiday pleasure, a Word Balloon triple feature. We wrap things up with Rob Liefeld, who talks about his work with Robert Kirkmanon The Infinite for Image Comics. Then Rob goes into detail with his full slate of books he'll be releasing in 2012 under the Extreme Imprint.Liefeld goes down the roster of creators on his various titles, which includes Erik Larsen writing and drawing SUPREME.

Then Alex Di Campi joins us to discuss her upcoming graphic novel Ashes with artist Jimmy Braxton. Ashes is a 252 page story which Alex is trying to fund via kickstarter. The story is a sequel to her Eisner nominated 2005 IDW story SMOKE. Di Campi has been a long time veteran in the digital comics market with the 2009 story Valentine. She talks about the successes and missteps she had with that book, and shares some innovative ideas on how self publishers can partner with comics stores on both the print and digital versions of a comic book. 

Finally Matt Fraction is back to wrap up his latest Fireside Chat with some TV and Film talk.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rob Liefeld Speaks Out and The Rucka Debrief Part 2

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On this episode of Word Balloon, we begin our two part conversation with artist and Image Comics Co-Founder Rob Liefeld. In part 1 Rob talks about what it's like working as a free lance artist at Comics Big 2 publishers Marvel and DC. He just finished an 8 year stint at Marvel which included such projects as Onslaught RebornDeadpool Corps and many covers. Currently Rob is drawingHawk and Dove as part of DC's New 52 initiative. Rob compares the current strategies of the 2 companies as he sees them , including what's happening for both at the film and toy levels, which he sees as key indicators on where their publishing is currently focused. 
Then Greg Rucka is back for part 2 of The Rucka Debrief, answering fans questions about the current status of fan favorite projects like Queen And Country and Stumptown from Oni Press, along with reflecting observations on "52", the weekly DC event of 2006. Looking back, how would Greg describe the collaborative work with writers Grant Morrison, Mark Waid and Geoff Johns, artist Keith Giffen, and editors Steve Wacker and Michael Siglain? 
Lots of candid conversation in this episode of Word Balloon. 

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The Rucka Debrief Pt 1 DC Comics October Surprise and The Prophets Of Science Fiction

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On this episode of Word Balloon, we speak with Dc Entertainment Vice Presidents Bob Wayne (Sales) and John Rood (Sales Marketing and Business Development) about DC Comics big sales for the month of October. Month 2 of the New 52 showed a
greater market share, with DC claiming about 50% of the total sales pie for single issues.

John and Bob Talk about some of the surprising sales trends both digitally and in the direct market.We also get more details about the 100 graphic novels and collected stories available on the new Amazon Kindle Fire device. You'll also hear about future plans and partnerships to promote Dc Comics and upcoming TV and film projects like Cartoon Network's DC Nation, and next summer's Batman film.

Then we begin a new 2 part Greg Rucka Debrief. In this episode Greg talks about his current work on The Punisher with Marco Checcetto. Greg gives an overview of his view on how Frank Castle operates in the 616 universe and what obstacles are inherent in a superhero filled world.

Rucka also discusses his new web comic with Rich Burchett Lady Sabre and The Pirates of the Ineffable Aether. The story marries steam punk swashbuckling pirates with a gun toting western duo all living on a fantastic planet of magic, floating ships and cities.
The twice weekly webcomic is starting it's 3rd chapter this Thursday. New readers can go the website and find archives of the firt 2 chapters plus character essays, maps and information that provide a rich backdrop for this rollicking adventure.

Then, a conversation with Kevin Tavolaro Nino Lopez and Joe Peicott , some of the producers behind the new Science Channel TV series Prophets Of Science Fiction, debuting tonight at 10pm eastern/pacific time. Filmmaker Ridley Scott (Alien, Blade Runner) hosts this 8 part series features profiles on noted Sci-Fi creators who's dreams of the future inspired many real scientific advances. From Mary Shelly's Frankenstien, to George Lucas's Star Wars, you'll hear scientists, noted science

fiction authors and filmmakers give their thoughts on these remarkable thinkers. The show will feature comments film clips and images from people like writers Harlan Ellison and Robert Silverberg, Tv producers Brannon Bragga (Star Trek)
and Dan Vedders (Futurama), comic book creators Matt Fraction and Chirs Ware, plus a certain podcast host Word Balloon listeners may be familiar with.

Time Code

00:00-23:20 DC VPs John Rood & Bob Wayne
23:21-127:27 Rucka Debrief Part 1 
127:28-149:42 Prophets Of Science Fiction 

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Matt Fraction Fireside Chat-Superhero Movie Talk with IFC's Matt Singer

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On this episode of Word Balloon, Matt Fraction willingly debates the story beats of Fear Itself.
All of the tough questions are asked. We talk about the recent trend of the event story epilogues
occurring outside of the actual series. Why kill Thor, when he just had just been resurrected, and
it's likely he'll be back in time for next summer's Avenger's film?

You'll also hear what's coming next in Casanova, Iron Man and Tanarus God Of Thunder, plus an informative preview of The Defenders. Matt expands on what we've seen in the Fear Itself epilogue, and how the Hulk hands this new Defenders line up it's first problem. You'll hear details on the team's line-up, plus Fraction discusses his decision to write this book in a modified Marvel style collaboration with Terry Dobson, as opposed to the usual full script.

For aspiring writers Matt goes in detail about the different discipline of writing 20 page issues
compared to the former 22 page comic. It's more complicated than just cutting 2 pages from each chapter.

Then IFC Film Critic Matt Singer joins me to talk about this years slate of comic book films.
From The Green Hornet, The Marvel films Thor Captain America,X-Men First Class,  Green Lantern,
Cowboys and Aliens, to the coming Tin Tin movie, We'll discuss the successes and failures. Plus we
preview next year's slate of movies.