Friday, September 30, 2011

Sexuality In Comics With Vaneta Rogers

Download The MP3 Here The comic news blogosphere has erupted this week in editorials and op-ed pieces over the depiction of Starfire in the DC Comic Red Hood And The Outlaws and The first issue of Catwoman, which ends with a sex scene involving Batman. Too much for mainstream comics? I debate the subject with Vaneta Rogers . We also talk about the overall success of DC's new 52, and their employing the Nielsen Company to conduct reader surveys.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Take DC Comics Nielsen Survey

DC has hired the Nielsen ratings and survey company to conduct focused fan reactions to the Nu 52.

This is your chance to speak directly to DC and make your suggestions on what you like or dislike, and want from them.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pro Tips From Mark Waid, Robert Atkins, Sam Humphries and Steven Sanders

Download The MP3 Here

Today's show features creators who are spotlighting their current books, but also give writing art and publishing tips for aspiring creators. Mark Waid discusses his work for Boom Studios and writing Daredevil for Marvel, but he also discusses how he approaches writing established characters , from figuring Superman out, to still being uncomfortable writing Thor and Wonder Woman.

Robert Atkins talks about his art on IDWs GI JOE COBRA COMMANDER with writer Chuck Dixon, and an upcoming original graphic novel with Larry Hama, but also talks about using his blog and social networking to expand his fan base.

Finally Sam Humphries and Steve Sanders join us to talk about their controversial sci-fi sex parody Our Love Is Real . This summer the duo self published the comic and discuss the platforms and distribution avenues they took to market and sell their book. Their effort's got Image Comics attention and the book is being released in November, but that version has its own method of distribution, and the guys tell us how their selling process continues to evolve.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

New WB Network ShowThe Big Bout Podcast

Thanks to the great artist Kyle Latino for our awesome logo! Why a Boxing/MMA podcast? Many longtime followers might know I covered boxing from 1989-2005 In the pages of Boxing Illustrated and ring Magazines, plus broadcasting on TV for Fox Sports Network and Sports Channel Chicago, and on radio WSCR, WMVP and The Sporting News Radio Network. Lately I got the itch to do new interviews, and my new found love for MMA and The UFC prompted me to get back to doing interviews on a rgular basis. I've posted two shoows that are boxing centric, but the MMA stuff is coming next. Check them out here

Monday, September 12, 2011

Triple Feature John Rood And Bob Wayne , Gaabe Hardman & Corinna Bechklo, and Tom Katers

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A timely news triple feature. First up DC Comics vice presidents John Rood and Bob Wayne discuss the debuting success of DC Comics New 52. The first 3 weeks of releases have sold out at the retailer level, and Rood and Wayne talk about what's next.
The Gabriel Hardman and Corrina Bechklo discuss their new mini series for Boom Studios Betrayal Of The Planet Of The Apes. The creators talk about this prequel to the original film series, which features a young Dr. Zaius freshly elected to the governing council.
The Duo has also a story in Four Star Studio's Digital Comic Double Feature. A tight spy thriller called The Liar, plus Gabe talks about his wrap-up on HULK with Jeff Parker.
Finally Podcaster and long time DC reader Tom Katers (Tom Vs Aquaman) discusses the recent transition from Flashpoint to the New 52.

Plus here's 2 cover images from upcoming DC issues Exclusive to Word Balloon Green Lantern #4 and Justice League #4!

Time Cues
Intro 00:00-3:07
John Rood and Bob Wayne 3:08-20:24
Gabe Hard-Corrina Bechko 20:25-1:25:00
Tom Katers 1:25:01-2:02:35
Close 2:02:36-2:03:52
Close 2:02:36-2:03:52